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Questionnaire 1 - Profile

Here are some statements made by people to describe themselves.
Please read them and rate to what extent you agree or disagree.
  • Answer all questions.
  • Answer spontaneously, based on your first impression,
    and once you have written answers, do not change them.
  I describe myself as someone who...

            Gets along with others and tolerates disagreements
            Is really competitive
            Is obstinate, persistent and relentless
            Dislikes pressure
            Never feels isolated from others
            Favours personal initiative
            Is always in a hurry
            Is concerned about amount of work to be done
            Likes to know everything
            Is resistant and perseverant despite difficulties
            Takes initiative without others' support
            Is always satisfied
            Tries to please
            Doesn't like pressure
            Is tolerant and avoids disagreements
            Is always yearning for more
            Enjoys talking to others
            Is determined to succeed
            Follows procedures
            Keeps his/her distance
            Plans reactions and acts in moderation
            Keeps commitments and is supportive of others
            Is not easily swayed
            Is always punctual
            Always rates his/her results in quantity / quality
            Is argumentative, provocative and goal-oriented
            Is satisfied with doing repetitive tasks
            Is vigorous, alert and seeks variety
            Believes that things happen by chance
            Finds satisfaction in new ideas
            Enjoys peace of mind
            Is sincere and honest with others
            Is highly regarded by others
            Can't be influenced
            Attracts and retain attention
            Avoids uncertain situations
            Responds to clients' requests
            Is meticulous
            Is ambitious at work
            Holds to his/her own opinions
            Is satisfied with simple things
            Is conscientious and logical
            Seeks the company of others
            Is helpful
            Accepts himself/herself
            Takes risks
            Reacts poorly to criticism
            Is satisfied with a job well done
            Is dedicated, polite and concerned about others
            Takes things too seriously
            Takes initiative and reacts promptly
            Gives his/her best
            Is quick-tempered
            Insists on quick results
            Has no mood swings
            Never slanders others
            Waits patiently
            Concentrates with intensity
            Is unruffled and trustworthy
            Thinks before acting
            Is critical of self and others
            Is precise, realistic and enjoys mental reflection
            Is opportunist, self-reliant
            Is competitive and has the will to succeed
            Is always striving ahead
            Easily approaches strangers
            Is competent and always willing to help
            Is realistic and practical
            Is able to change things
            Has sense of duty and order
            Shows interest at work
            Is direct and to the point
            Has timely, appropriate comments
            Is insecure facing uncertainty
            Is always patient
            Wants to do everything quickly
            Demands continuous effort
            Never treats others harshly
            Takes his/her time
            Enjoys meeting and mingling with others
            Creates own luck and anticipates problems
            Achieves results through efforts
            Always completes work started
            Defends a cause
            Knows what he/she wants and implements changes

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